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Making the Air Safer for All

While all California residents are impacted by air pollution, studies have shown that low-income communities and communities of color have higher levels of exposure and therefore higher rates of negative health outcomes.

The SUMMATION project is dedicated to improving air quality and reducing exposure to dangerous, asthma-inducing air pollutants, particularly in areas where it’s needed the most.

Equity in Action

CCAC is working to ensure that the project’s findings are inclusive and accessible to all communities in the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

For residential and commercial data collection, buildings in low-income and disadvantaged areas will receive priority consideration, giving them the opportunity to monitor and address air quality hazards in and around their homes and businesses. This data will be analyzed and used to identify and rectify potential air quality disparities across communities. 

Findings will be shared throughout communities by holding public meetings and distributing print and electronic materials, such as newsletters, fact sheets, the CCAC website, and social media campaigns.

Environmental Justice Partners

Feedback and data from ALL area communities is integral to SUMMATION’s success. In addition to public meetings, the project will receive guidance from a Community Advisory Board, which includeleaders of environmental justice organizations operating in the study area. These organizations include, but are not limited to: 

• Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment
• Central California Environmental Justice Network
• Asthma Coalition of Kern County
• Clean Water Action
• Kern Sol News
• Building Healthy Communities – Kern
• Project Clean Air

Get Involved

If you live and/or work in the Southern San Joaquin Valley and have concerns about methane emissions, we want to hear from you. Your input can help improve the air quality, health, and safety of yourself, your family, friends and neighbors. 

To be considered for the data collection study, fill out our Contact Form.