SUMMATION Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Summation team

Berkeley Lab

Photo of Sébastien Biraud, Staff Scientist, Climate Sciences Department Head

Staff Scientist,
Climate Sciences Department Head

Photo of Andre Santos

Research Associate Principal

Photo of Andrew Moyes, Senior Scientific Engineering Associate

Scientific Engineering Associate


Research Scientist

Photo of Hannah Breunig, Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Photo of Ken Reichl, Affiliate

Scientific Engineering Associate

Photo of Sarah Smith, Research Scientist/Engineer

Research Scientist/Engineer

Photo of Seongeun Jeong, Research Scientist

Research Scientist/Engineer

Jackson Lab At Stanford

Photo of Rob Jackson, Professor at University of Stanford

Professor at Stanford University

Photo of Colin Finnegan, Environmental Science Research Professional

Environmental Science Research Professional

Photo of Metta Nicholson, Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Photo of Zutao Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth and Energy

Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth and Energy

UC Riverside

Photo of Francesca Hopkins

Assistant Professor of Climate Change and Sustainability at UC Riverside

Photo of Javier Gonzalez Rocha

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Central California Asthma Collaborative

Photo of Kevin Hamilton

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director

Climate and Environmental Justice Coordinator

Photo of Janet Herrera

Climate and Environmental Justice Coordinator

Scientific Aviation

Photo of David Carroll

Project Manager - Emissions

Photo of Mackenzie Smith

Director Airborne Operations / Field Science


Technical Advisory Committee

Sébastien Biraud
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Steve Hamburg
Environmental Defense Fund 

Tim O’Connor
Environmental Defense Fund

Riley Duren
NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab

Thoma Eben
Environmental Protection Agency

Melissa Weitz
Environmental Protection Agency

Walter Ham
California Air Resource Board 

Jorn Herner
California Air Resource Board

Brian Pellens
California Resources Corporation

Andrea Steffke

Cathy Reheis-Boyd
Western States Petroleum Association

Deanna Haines

Colby Morrow

Jon Klassen
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Districts

Byanka Santoyo
Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment

Catherine Juery